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What is the German TELC

Do you want to prepare for the German TELC but need to know what the different levels correspond to? This article will give you all the information you need:

What is the TELC?
The German TELC A2
The German TELC B1
The German TELC B2
The TELC C1 Hochschule
Train for the TELC online with Express Documents Online
If you want to know the course of the tests for each level, this article is for you!


Prepare yourselves for your language certification

What is the TELC?
“TELC” is the abbreviation of “The European Language Certificates” . This abbreviation means that these are language tests for 10 languages: German, English, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish and Arabic.

TELC certificates are recognized throughout Europe. TELC’s language tests are also based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFRL) . The evaluation criteria are standardized which allows them to be valid throughout Europe.

To study or work in Germany, or for various reasons, you may need to obtain this certificate. Employers or authorities require certain language skills , so you can prove that you have them with TELC certificates.

There are several TELC exams depending on your skill level. They vary in terms of level of difficulty and content.

This stage is followed by the oral examination , usually with three other people. You will therefore be tested in groups of four people for 15 minutes.

Exam DurationMaximum number of points
Written exam70 minutes45
Written comprehension20 minutes15
Oral comprehension20 minutes15
Written Expression30 minutes15
Oral exam15 minutes15
Total85 minutes60

To pass the exam, you must obtain 60% of the maximum number of points in both the written exam and the oral exam. That is to say at least 36 points out of 60

What score do you need to pass the exam?

The oral grading details are as follows:

Part ContentsDurationRating
First partTo present oneselfAbout 3 minutesUp to 3 dots
Second partTalk on a topicAbout 4 minutesUp to 6 dots
Third partDiscuss an ideaAbout 4 minutesUp to 6 dots

German TELC B1

certificate from TELC is required to prove German language skills for naturalization and settlement in Germany .

You can do this with the Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer, if you reach level B1, or with a TELC Deutsch B1 language certificate.

To reach level B1 in German, learners must be able to understand the gist when their counterpart uses clear and distinct standard language.

The topics of work, school or leisure, for example, are often covered in the examination. They must be able to talk about familiar and self-interested content coherently and talk about their own experiences, wishes, dreams and goals.

What score do you need to pass the exam?
It is necessary to obtain at least 60% of the maximum possible number of points in the written examination and in the oral examination, that is to say at least 135 points in the written report and 45 points in the oral examination .

The structure of the German TELC B1 exam

The exam consists of a written part and an oral part.

The written part lasts a total of 2h30 . Of this total, 90 minutes are devoted to the reading comprehension and language modules, 30 minutes to oral comprehension and 30 minutes to written expression.

It is followed by the oral exam. Participants have 20 minutes for preparation and 15 minutes for the oral exam .

ExamDurationMaximum number of points
Written exam140 minutes225
Reading comprehension
Language module
90 minutes75
Oral comprehension20 minutes75
Written expression30 minutes45
Oral exam16 minutes75
Total156 minutes300

What grade is sufficient to pass the exam?
To pass the exam, you must obtain at least 135 points in the written report and 45 points in the oral exam .

The oral exam is marked as follows:

Part Contents Duration Rating
First part Learning to know each other About 1 minute Not rated
Second part Talking about experiences About 5 mins Up to 25 stitches
Third part Discuss a text About 5 mins Up to 25 stitches
Fourth part Plan something together about 5 minutes Up to 25 stitches.
First part Learning to know each otherAbout 1 minsNot rated
Second part Talking about experiencesAbout 5 minsUp to 25 stitches
Third part Discuss a textAbout 5 minsUp to 25 stitches
Fourth part Plan something togetherAbout 5 minsUp to 25 stitches

Train for the German TELC online with Express Documents Online

Express Documents Online offers online training to prepare for the TELC. Thus you will be able to carry out all the exercises of the oral and written tests on our platform.

We offer mock exams that will allow you to prepare to take the test in real conditions .

You will be able to follow the evolution of your progress thanks to your dashboard. It will be possible to view your training history and review your mistakes.

For the passage to the oral you can opt for video courses , indeed dedicated teachers will be able to accompany you in the preparation of this test.

They will give you advice and can help you stay motivated. If you want individual lessons, they will last 30 minutes.

For group lessons you will be 6 students maximum, and the lessons will last 1 hour. You can select the teacher available at the time slot that suits you.


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